Database Hosting Agreement

12. Limitation of liability In no case is AppWorks liable to the customer or any other person for indirect, secondary, consequential or punitive damages, including losses of profits or goods or businesses; for any issues raised by or in relation to this Contract and/or its purpose, whether this liability is invoked on the basis of contracts, an unlawful act or otherwise, even if AppWorks has been informed of the possibility of such damages, AppWorks` overall liability for damages arising from this Agreement or, by other means, related to the product, is limited to the totality of the costs actually paid by the customer to AppWorks under this Agreement. We reserve the right to modify, modify or shut down third-party software at any time and you agree to collaborate on the steps necessary to install updates for third-party software. Third-party software is neither sold nor distributed and you can only use third-party software as part of the services. You cannot use third-party software outside of services. We may provide your personal data to third parties if necessary for the provision of third-party software. You recognize and accept that your use of third-party software depends on our (s) agreement (s) with third parties. In addition, your use of the Software by third parties is subject to a third-party service or license agreement or if you require your consent to a service or licensing agreement, your use of the third-party software is subject to such a service or licensing agreement. You cannot download, install or use third-party software accompanied by a third party or that requires the consent of a service or license agreement, unless you agree to the terms of such a service or license agreement. You should not delete, modify or conceal any property references contained in or on third-party software.

You cannot redevelop, decompinize or disassemble third-party software, except as long as this activity is expressly authorized by current legislation. You acknowledge and accept that third parties (and their related companies and suppliers) would not provide any guarantee or guarantee for third-party software offered in connection with the Services and expressly exempt any liability or damage (direct, indirect or logical) from the use of third-party software. You recognize and accept that third-party software is supported by us and not by third parties (or by their subsidiaries or suppliers). 11. The disclaimer of AppWorks guarantors assumes no guarantee of any kind, whether expressly included, including, but not limited, to tacit guarantees of market continuity and/or adequacy to a specific purpose that relates to the purpose of this agreement. Storage and plan limits. All hosting plans, including unlimited plans, are subject to the following (but not limited) restrictions: number of inodes, database size, processor power, amount of RAM, input process, active process.