Telus Health Pharmacy Provider Agreement

TELUS Health assigns a vendor number to each pharmacy that wishes to submit electronic transactions for payment. Several factors are taken into account before an institution is recognized. A pharmacy looking for a supplier number must meet the following criteria: If you have any questions you want to address, send them to We often hear that pharmacy customers tell us that they had to pay out of pocket to compensate for the price cuts. Our price lists are based on many reliable sources and allow for a reasonable surcharge. In Quebec, prices are set in accordance with our contract with the AQPP. In accordance with a portion of the contract to which we are bound, you agree to cover the cost of the ingredients we have identified and not pass these additional costs on to your customers. TELUS Health Assure is the online adjur of the following insurance providers: One of the standard elements of the Insuranceā„¢ card is the verification of drug use. This additional information can improve your customer service experience by looking at potential problems that your pharmacy`s software may not cover. We require the vendor to retain the same payment options for regular transactions (non-PSHCP) and PSHCP. Both are subject to a payment option. The online warrant officer works as a tertiary group that introduces all the responsibilities and limitations of the insurance company for that particular patient. Online warrant officers are responsible for validating the pharmacy from which the request originates, verifying the patient`s eligibility and eligibility of the program with the insurance company (i.e., DIN is a benefit) and determining the amount of drug costs, if any, covered on the basis of the parameters of the patient plan (amount deducted from the deductible for co-payment, etc.).

We recommend that pharmacies file the application at least one week before it comes into effect (November 1, 2010) to allow TELUS Health Solutions sufficient time to register the pharmacy and obtain the new PSHCP operator number. The BC Pharmacy Association is hosting a live webinar on Telus Health`s new supplier contract (Note: Only selected pharmacies have been equipped with the new agreement). Join our guest speaker Jason Kennedy, RPh, Director, Health Business Consulting at TELUS, while explaining the reason for the new agreement, giving an overview of some of the changes to the new agreement and answering some frequently asked questions. Additional assistance can be accessed on the Health Care Provider Portal on express Scripts In exceptional circumstances, it may be appropriate to assign a supplier number to a physician who also issues prescription drugs if no pharmacy is registered in our user directory within 30 km of the medical clinic concerned.