Tesla 4-Year Extended Service Agreement

While many dealers offer the ability to roll the extended warranty costs into the total price of the vehicle, Tesla does not offer this feature. You must purchase your Tesla warranty separately. This is actually a good thing, because in this way you avoid paying interest on your warranty. There is no private label fee because Tesla sells the warranties directly to the owners. Can I transfer my extended service contract to the new owner when I sell my Tesla vehicle? Yes, you can transfer the unused part of your extended service contract with the sale of your vehicle. The contract will be transferred to the new owner if the transfer of ownership of the vehicle is made through Tesla. For more information, please see the terms and conditions for extended service agreements. The extension of the Tesla warranty does not include additional benefits, such as tire change, rental car refunds or concierge services, which involve many serious third-party warranty companies. While a Tesla-ESA contract stipulates that Tesla warranties cover the cost of towing to a Tesla service center for the first 50 miles if you have a flat tire, it is not certain that you need to buy troubleshooting separately to take advantage of this advantage.

You can terminate your Tesla ESA contract if you are not satisfied with the service or if you plan to sell your vehicle. If you terminate your extended Tesla warranty within 60 days of the purchase of the vehicle and you have not made a claim, you will be refunded in full for the amount you paid. If you cancel after 60 days, you will receive a cancelled refund minus any fee amounts. Teslas are expensive cars to repair, which makes sense given the complexity of the electrical systems that make vehicles unique. Luxury cars often have expensive repair costs, because parts and components are themselves expensive. For these reasons, you should consider an extended Tesla warranty. Over the two years and 26,000 miles, I paid 4600 $US (US$4,000 for ESA, plus 200 $US deductible for each of the three service visits) and received $4,600 worth of repairs. Do I need to drive my vehicle to a Tesla service center? We recommend that you bring your vehicle to a Tesla service center for all service requirements. If you wish to transport your vehicle to a non-Tesla store for maintenance or repair work, please note that in the event of a problem, this could affect coverage as part of your warranty. Infiniti branded car warranties are offered by a variety of companies and dealers, but knowledge of Infiniti`s best guaranteed prices will help you make the right decision for you. At CARCHEX, the average monthly cost of covering a vehicle protection plan…

Learn more about Tesla`s guaranteed protection and, by explaining automatic warranty protection, learn how third-party advanced car warranty companies like CARCHEX offer affordable and flexible coverage to many types of vehicles. Get a free, one-on-one offer today. Enhanced third-party warranties, particularly serious expanded auto warranty projects, could be a better option for Tesla owners. Although these plans are more general than the manufacturer`s warranty, they offer much more flexibility without compromising your safety. Here are some advantages of choosing a third party: CARCHEX plans can last up to seven or ten years. You can keep driving and make yourself wait years for repair costs. We also give you the freedom to acquire extended protection at any time. If you consider your Tesla vehicle as an investment and intend to keep it for a long time, you should consider protection plans that extend coverage for a period or miles.